Shared Interests

While I’m watching Theo grow up I can a lot of myself in him, not just the good looks but the things he’s interested in. I am going to discuss a few of these below and compare between Theo and myself as a child with the same interests.Firstly is his love of Star Wars, this was completely nothing to do with me. The heavy marketing of “The Force Awakens” is what developed his love of Star Wars. He would see it everywhere and want to know what it was. So he got into Lego Star Wars from YouTube and started to learn who all the characters were, he has even seen every Star Wars film and has them all on dvd (these are my dvds but he has them hostage). When I was a child I loved Star Wars. I remember in primary school we would pretend to be different Jedi and use sticks as lightsabers, I even had a monopoly of the original saga (which I lost/ruined and is now worth over £100).

Next we have power rangers, Theo watches power rangers Dino charge on POP everyday and developed a love for power rangers. He has a majority of the main toys and now has a red ranger costume. As a child I wish I had one of those. I was his age when the original mighty morphin power rangers were about. I had a goldfish named after the red ranger (which my cat killed within the first week), I had a morpher and two of the morphing figures where you press a button and their heads change from having a helmet or no helmet. My biggest memory of the power rangers is spending a week at my nans house and her friend lent us 5 video tapes, each one had a different ranger on the cover. The other week I took Theo to see the new power rangers movie at the cinema, I will not lie I did get quite overwhelmed with emotions due to the nostalgia and that I was experiencing this with my boy.

Theo loves batman, superman and Spider-Man, as an avid comic book fan this makes my heart melt. Most of the time I will be looking at comic related things on my phone and Theo will come over and ask about it and say things like “oooh batman” and point at the screen. For Christmas I got him a batman costume which it took him months to want to wear. Then a month ago he randomly asked to wear it and wouldn’t take it off for days.

The point I’m getting at with all this isn’t that I’ve moulded my son into a smaller version of me or pushed my interests on him, he’s become interested in them all by himself and it’s a very warm feeling being able to be the child you once were with your son/daughter. 

If there are any interests you share with your child please let us know, we are always happy to hear about other parents adventures with their children.

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