Baby Names

One thing I’ve noticed from pregnancies, not just ours but other peoples, is the first thing people want to know is the gender or name of the baby. We announced that Theo was a boy as soon as we found out. However even after his birth i didn’t let any of my wife’s family know his name until my wife announced it. She did tell me after that i could’ve told everyone, however i didn’t feel right telling people before she had the chance.

Many people name their children after people they know such as family members or friends. Others name them because of the names meanings. We decided on Theo’s name because of none of these reasons. The meaning of Theodore is ‘Gift Of God’. We are not religious people in the slightest, so that wasn’t the reason and we haven’t ever known a Theo (apart from me making jokes that he was named after the Arsenal player Theo Walcott). We chose is name because we wanted a strong name and the only name that felt right was Theodore. Originally we were going to shorten it to Ted or Teddy, however when he was born and we saw him, we both agreed that he was a Theo not a Ted.

Recently there have been reports of certain names going ‘extinct’. Up until last year the name Gary was nearly extinct as nobody had been named Gary since 1992. Other names that are becoming less popular are;

  • Clive
  • Debra
  • Sharon
  • Geoffrey
  • Alison

A lot of people get their children’s names from a baby name book, I remember always having one on my shelf when I was a child. This is was one my dad got my mum for mothers day when she was pregnant with me. I remember always looking through the book for names for my teddy bears. I think I threw it away during one of my teenage clear outs. I actually regretted this when my wife was pregnant with Theo, but we have the internet now so it wasn’t too much of a bother.

The discussion for this post is ‘what did you name your children and why?’


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