A day in the life of Dad part 1

This post is sort of getting to let people know a bit more about me. So below I’m going to type a diary of my day in a time dairy form. The reason this is part 1 is because in the next coming weeks I will also be doing one about my weekend or as I called them “dad days”.

So let’s start with a typical Thursday for me.

5:20 – alarm goes off however I do let it snooze and I get out of bed bang on 5:25. Between now and 5:34 I quickly get dressed have a quick wash and run out of the door. (9 minutes is pretty impressive). My train is at 5:49 so I need to be quick.

5:40 – I get to the station and buy myself a tea or coffee (who really thought I would function without a drink haha) I walk up the platform and wait for my train to arrive. 

6:55 – After 2 trains and 2 tubes I have made it to work, ready to collect the keys and put the coffee machine and porridge on, I’m a catering manager by the way. Once these are on I go to my desk and grab my toothbrush, toothpaste, hair gel and aftershave and get myself preened for my working day.

08:00 – the coffee shop opens, I have a member of staff with me so I will tend to prep food or make coffees in the morning while she will serve customers.

10:00 – other member of staff comes into work, this is where the fun starts. I will go and check emails and do orders depending on what needs to come in. Give my boss a call to catch up and see what he may need from me I will pretty much do this for the rest of that day unless my team call me for help or I need to cover lunch breaks.

14:00 – I had an engineer come in to fix the oven at work as it’s been broken for a few months. After 2 hours he fixed one issue however not everything.

17:30 – after dealing with the engineer and helping my staff close down, it was busy so I couldn’t do any of my own work (tomorrow is going to be a busy day) I can finally go home. As I hand the keys in and leave the building, I give the wife a call to see how she is and let her know I’ve just left. I go to the station which is right next to the building I work in and generally get on any train that takes me into central London.

19:15 – I arrive home, Theo is still awake but is watching tv so doesn’t bother to say hello, so I cuddle him anyway and annoy him as all dads would do.

19:30 – while I’m eating my dinner my wife puts Theo to bed, I just about finish and go up to listen to the bed time story, it’s a tradition for me to sit outside his room listening to the story.

So for the rest of the evening me and my wife will tend to watch some tv, play some Xbox maybe even put on a film. 

22:30 – we both go to the bathroom, use the toilet and brush our teeth. We then go into Theo’s room to check on him, after this we go to sleep.

So that’s a regular day in the life of dad. I hope I didn’t bore you too much but you also have a little insight into the life of a Mad Dad (well my working life).

Keep your eye out for part 2


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