A week apart

So the other week, my wife and son went to Scotland for four days to go and see my sister in law and her baby son. They did this last year and I will not lie but this time was a lot harder to deal with. Last year I spent the first night going to the pub with a old work friends and getting completely wasted on jack daniels and tequila. Probably wasn’t the best idea when I had work the next day. The day after I met one of my buddy’s for a beer after work and went home. Day three I had work to stay late for so by the time I got home it was late anyway.

This year was not like that at all. I had a job interview on Tuesday (so I thought) so on Monday I had to go and find a barber near to my work to get my hair cut. I ended up getting home at a decent time after this and decided to try and catch up on a new show I was watching. On Tuesday I thought I had my interview so I left work early to go to the place and it turned out after half hour of waiting I had the wrong day. On the Wednesday I actually had the interview, but by this point the week was really starting to take its toll on me, between worrying about the interview, work (because we were short staffed) and missing my wife and son. I hardly slept at all. During the interview the guy I met had asked if I could come up again the following day to actually see the site I would be working at, as you do I agreed but let him know that my family were returning from Scotland that day so I wouldn’t be able to make a long thing of it. So when Thursday came once again I didn’t sleep well and I was rushed off my feet at work, by the time I got to my meeting I had a massive headache. My potential new boss understood this and we went to see the site. After our visit we went back to another site where we sat down and discussed the job. This is where I found out I was being offered the position. The whole week I had been trying to sort out my career with my main support not around, which was really quite a challenge.

After that I went home to wait for my family to get home. I laid on our bed and decided to watch a documentary on Netflix. By the time the had gotten on the train at the airport I was already falling asleep, this was at 19:30. Once I replied to the text message I feel back to sleep. Only to wake up when they got to our local station.

Last year I actually met them at the station, this year I did not even have the energy to meet them at the end of the road.

I opened the door and when Theo saw me, he ran down the road to give me a cuddle. This was something I desperately needed. As everyone was settling down, Theo sat on my lap for half an hour telling me about the airplane and Scotland before he went to bed. Once he was in bed, my wife had to wash her hair and sort herself out for work the next day. I pretty much zoned out on the bed and fell asleep. I then woke up to give her a kiss as she got into bed and that was it I slept all night (which I hadn’t done all week).

As I mentioned earlier, last year was easier. I think the main reason behind this is that I was making a life changing decision without my wife’s input. Normally I seek my wife’s input in even the smallest things I do. Not seeing my son for days only for 20 minutes at most on FaceTime. We never really spend time apart like that. With them being back for a week it’s brought us closer, I also think the bank holiday weekend helped as well, where both me and my wife didn’t have to work for most of it so we actually got two whole days together as a family.

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