New Job

So I’ve slightly mentioned previously about a new job but Friday marked my last day at The Body Shop. I have taken a back seat with the blog and social media platforms for the last month as work as been really busy. My main focus has been trying to prepare a handover, which I only started two days before I was due to give it. Let me take it back a little, the struggle of my working at The Body Shop started last year when southern rail started to strike. The journey time went from one hour to nearly two hours each way on a daily basis, okay I get it, people have the right to strike but the time I was working and commuting was unreal and it was starting to get me down that I couldn’t spend time with my wife and son. So then I had a few HR issues with a manager at work, which actually led to me bringing the blog back alive back in November as a mechanism to fight depression and it worked. As time went on I started to realise that the prospect of me developing myself in this role was non existent and then saw a position half the distance from my house. I won’t go into the details of that process as they were all in my last blog post. But after I accepted the job I spoke to my new manager who was completely supportive of my decision to move on and understood my reasons behind it.

So back to Friday, the last month I knew I was leaving, but it didn’t kick in at all. I kept thinking I have so much to do let me get that done before I think about what’s next. Once I had finished my work and people had started to say goodbye it finally hit me, I was leaving a place that dragged me to a dark place but I built amazing relationships there which I will treasure for a long time. 

My wife has told me she’s unhappy that I’ve left as she will no longer have access to their products. Even though our cupboard is full is full of them. 

Today I start my new job with the same company but a brand new site with a new client. Which is very exciting, I now take on more responsibility which will help with my progression in my career. Plus it being half of the distance, I get to spend more time with the family and work on the blog a bit more.

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