The leap into a new job

So the last month has been an adventure. Exactly a month ago I walked into my new bosses office all fresh faced and ready for a new challenge, the way I saw it was I had a bad time at my last site and still came out successful, with a client and team that I respected and had a respect for me. Fast forward a month to now, this new job is a real challenge, business is quiet which I’m really not used to. I’m learning a lot about new part of the business and I’m not commuting as far any more which has given me a lot more time to be a dad to Theo, which was probably the main reason I left my last job as sometimes I would go nearly a week without seeing him. Which along with problems at my last job put me in a bad place mentally and this had an effect on my marriage because it dragged me down which in course would lead to me and my wife arguing.

Life is amazing right now, my wife is starting a new job next week in a position she wants to do and works around her being a mum too, I now have a lot of support at work and have a great team who believe in me and my vision.

Above all that me and Theo’s relationship is growing like mad because he gets to see more of me and I’m not too tired when he does see me.

What I’m trying to say here is, no matter how unhappy I was in my last job, I was comfortable and sometimes leaving would scare me to the point I’d rather put up with the bad stuff just to be comfortable. I took the leap and the parts of my life that were suffering have improved by a million times. 

I have a friend who is a father who was working a job in the city working 6 days a week. Now he’s helping people develop themselves into a better version of themselves (physically and mentally), and he’s said to me many times it’s the best move he’s ever made. Regularly we would speak before I left my last job and slightly that gave me motivation to make the move I have, as I spoke to me on a level that nobody apart from my family have before, and told me not to let my family life suffer for work and to chase my dreams.

Fear of change is not a reason to stay at your job if you’re letting your relationship with loved ones get in the way, the house, the car, none of that matters if your family is suffering for it all.

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